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Christina Kragh -Owner

Christina Kragh  is a Wedding and Event Planner living locally in the Vancouver area, Okanagan, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.  She has owned her Company since 2001 and it has evolved to a very successful entity.   


Christina is a Certified Wedding and Event Planner.  She also has had a love for Makeup and completed the Modeling and Makeup course at Blanch MacDonald over 25 years ago. :)


Christina strives to go beyond her duties and takes particular note to all the fine details; those details that most would overlook.  She has Orchestrated 14 Fashion Shows in 14 Wedding Tradeshows that her company has owned.  She was in charge of Directing the large Tradeshows from start to finish, from sourcing the appropriate Vendors, Planning the Event and watching the Brides and Grooms walk in and enjoy the show.  


She has also decided to open her first store, projected May 1 2007.  The nature of this business is Balloon Delivery.


She took a break for a few years ago to spend a little extra time with her Autistic son who she has taught his school fully at home since Kindergarten and plans to teach him at home until he graduates.  He has progressed immensely over the past few years because of her full time care.  She also has a graduated daughter whom she is extremely proud of.  


As of 2018. Christina is a Certified International Travel Agent and enjoys planning her clients Vacations with care and passiobn.  Christina is happily married to her best friend who owns an extremely successful Company.  He fully supports her family efforts, hobbies and all her Companies.


Christina hobbies are a little different them some.  She likes her daily "Starbucks",  go shopping, especially Tiffany & Co. and take off to Disneyland every 6 weeks for a little relaxation with her son.  


She puts family first but takes her business very seriously.  There are times when her Clients needed her at 3:00am and she was there for them.



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